What does engagement actually mean?

Personally I’ve never been fond of the idea and the terminology of ’employee engagement’. It was borrowed and introduced from the marketing domains where ‘customer engagement’ once used to top the lists. And though there might be some human truths in the idea of so-called employee engagement, it has also injected the HR domain with […]

5 things HR can learn from Marketing

Best marketing practices are often shared, however without making the bridge to HR in more profound ways. Hence, I’m sharing some thoughts out of our own experience at mad about you. In simple terms, marketing primarily takes care of reaching people outside of the company, to sell its services & products day by day. In […]

The anti-CEO playbook

The story told is all about proud, respect that leads to proud, collaboration that is drive by proud; etc… What would be the proud version of the idea of a CEO Playbook? What modules, sessions and webinar contents could become usefull? Since may years companies around the world are challenged by new expectations. Expectations from […]